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Wearing Mismatched Socks Can Change Your Life. And Someone Else's

Are You on the Fence About Bisoxual?

There are so many reasons to wear mismatched socks! The main one is that it looks super cool and makes you and other people smile. But if that's not enough to convince you, we have a few more reasons.

Mismatched Socks Save You Time

How much time do you waste trying to find socks that match? Probably more than you think, especially since your dryer may have eaten socks that you'll never find again.

We had someone tell us that they timed how long it took them to find a match to their sock every morning. It was around a minute.

At my house, it's more like 10 minutes. We just can't ever seem to find them.

Do you know what you can do with that extra time?! SO. MUCH.

  • Have more breakfast.
  • Watch part of your fave show.
  • Actually put on makeup.
  • Lock yourself in the bathroom and have ALONE time.
  • Do a short workout. 
  • Nap.

I mean...the possibilities are endless. 

Give up matching socks. We give you permission to regain control of that part of your life. 

Also, it saves you time sorting socks when you do laundry. No more matching socks for 15 minutes. Put them in a pile and be done.

It just saves you time, no matter how you look at it.

Bisoxual - mismatched socks

Micromanage Much? Relax.

Mismatching your socks helps you stop micromanaging every detail of your life. It's freeing.

Consciously mismatching your socks seems like a small thing, and for a lot of people, it is. But for some people, it can be really uncomfortable. They want order. They want a plan. They want everything lined up and accounted for.

And there's nothing wrong with that. 

But on the flip side, I've heard 95% of these same type of people (that I know, at least!) say they wish they were able to let go a bit. They don't want to be so rigid and uncomfortable with a bit of disorder.

This is "wear" socks can change your life.

It's not about giving yourself permission to be sloppy, it's about giving yourself permission to have a little fun. To be a little less rigid in one part of your life. To consciously make a decision that goes against your nature. To show a little bit of your fun side. 

We ALL have a fun side. 

Still need to be convinced? This is my fave blog about Mismatched Sox on the interwebs. Take a peek and see what you think.

Mismatched Socks Increase Your Intelligence

Well, at least people will think you're more creative and brilliant according to this study. And they are RIGHT! Right?

The bold statement on your feet shows confidence and nonconformity. Both of these are highly desired traits. So even if you don't feel entirely confident in your socks, others will think you are. First impressions do matter, folks.

Bisoxual - mismatched socks


Don't Worry, Be Happy

What you wear affects your mood. And if you don't believe me, take a shower, change out of your pajamas for the first time in a year, and put on something snazzy. Feel better? Yes, you do.

Mismatched, colorful, crazy socks can help you be more positive and happier throughout the day. It's a subtle psychological boost that you may not even be aware is happening. BUT IT IS. 

It also tends to be noticed and commented on positively, which can help your self-esteem skyrocket. Or at least, you better.

Bisoxual Socks Help Others

Also, and this is important, we fund organizations that help victims of domestic violence. Not only are YOU benefitting, but others are able to get help healing from horrible life experiences. COVID and the resulting quarantine has only made domestic violence situations worse. 

If you or someone you know is a victim of domestic abuse in Northwest Arkansas, please call them at 479-246-9999 or 1-800-775-9011. The national hotline number is 800.799.SAFE (7233)

So...if you just can't do the mismatched thing, buy 2 of the same sets! You'll still be helping others in need.