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Why Should You Become Bisoxual?

Help Others

Why mismatched? We give back to organizations that help victims of domestic violence and when the abused get the strength to leave their abuser, they may only have time to grab what’s in front of them. Including mismatched socks! ♥️
We want to honor that strength. 💪

It's Makes You Smile

There is something about these socks that just makes you and everyone around you smile! We can't explain it. You have to experience it!

First Impressions

People will think you're more creative and brilliant according to this study. And they are RIGHT! Right? Even if you don't feel entirely confident in your socks, others will think you are.

Saves Time

Give up matching socks. We give you permission to regain control of that part of your life. Also, it saves you time sorting socks when you do laundry. No more matching socks for 15 minutes.