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Walking on Sunshine Anyway

Walking on Sunshine

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Guys can show a little personality with their socks, right? RIGHT! So show them that you're walking on sunshine all day, every day with bright, fun socks like these!

Unisex US 7.5-12 (We think this set runs a bit big for women with shoe sizes under an 8)

80% Cotton, 15% Nylon, 5% Spandex

What is Anyway?


Why mismatched?
When leaving a bad situation, you grab what you can. That may be the mismatched socks on the floor.

Why 3 mismatched socks?
If you only have two, there’s only 1 way to wear them! If we give you 3, there are 3 ways to wear them!

How much do you give to the Women’s Shelter?
We give at least 10% of total revenue to the NWAWS. Our aim is 15 to 20%, depending on sales.