We give back to organizations that help victims of domestic violence. Also, FREE SHIPPING in the US!

About Us


Jen, our fearless leader (she added that part), has never been one to wear shoes all day. Almost immediately every morning, she kicks off her shoes and displays her socks. They are NEVER matching. Kevin got to calling her "bisoxual" and the name sparked some creativity. Conversations started happening. Domains were bought. Business ideas were tossed around.

And now you're here. At the best mismatched sock company on the planet. Welcome! We are based in Fayetteville, AR and located on the lovely Fayetteville Square. We love our town, our community, and wine. Not in that order. 


We will be donating a portion of our proceeds to local charities that help our neighbors. To start off, we are donating to local domestic violence shelters. During Covid, the abused were stuck with their abusers and the need for help has gone up. More information here.

Yes, these are just socks. But…we think they will make you smile. They will keep your feet comfortable. They will allow you to help your neighbors. They will spark a conversation.

We hope you have a great Bisoxual experience! Everyone should have great sox, right? 


Jen Adair, Co-Founder

Kevin Higgins, Co-Founder