Why is Your Company Called Bisoxual?

Well, as we say on the homepage, the main reason is that Jen, our Co-Founder, has never liked wearing shoes. Every morning, she settles in and kicks off her shoes. Her socks are NEVER matching. Kevin, our other Co-Founder, got to calling her "bisoxual" and the name sparked some creativity. What a great name for a sock company!

It's also just a really fun play on words. Socks can go either way; matched or unmatched. It's a goldmine for funny puns and silly innuendos. And we are waaayyyy into being silly and smiling all day long. It's our favorite thing.

This is not about sex. It doesn't have anything to do with that, except for when we make stupid jokes trying to be "soxy." This is just a sock company trying to help domestic violence victims, help people smile a bit more, and help us make money. Period. No agenda.

We aren't trying to change the world. We're just changing the way you think about socks. Now, if that happens to change the world or maybe just change YOU...that's even better. 

Buy. Socks. Y'all.